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Smartnet BROADCAST coordinates updates

SmartNet Broadcast Coordinate Updates – January 6, 2020

On September 17, 2019, NGS released its new ITRF2014 and NAD83(NA2011) Epoch 2010 Multi-Year CORS Solution 2 (MYCS2) coordinates, along with GEOID18. Unfortunately, this release occurred far too late to incorporate the changes into our Fall Adjustment.  Now with the Fall Adjustment behind us, activities are underway to move to these new reference frames and realizations in the US to assure consistency between NGS products, the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) and SmartNet North America.  In addition to the changes in the US, we will also be take this opportunity to adopt the current NRCAN coordinate solutions for all stations in Canada.

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Macors IP Change


MaCORS needed to perform some unscheduled maintenance on MaCORS servers.  .

Kindly note that the IP address to the MaCORS RTK server has been changed. The IP address to all mount points to access corrections is now

Please note that you will need to make the necessary IP configuration changes in each of your Rover units to gain access to the MACORS network.

We apologize for any inconveniences encountered regarding this last minute notification.

News Alert – GPS Week Rollover April 2019

On April 6, 2019, the transmitted GPS week number in the navigation message will rollover from 1023 to 0. Leica Geosystems receivers will continue to increment the week number from 2047 to 2048 and will not roll back to 0 or 1024.

Note that the required minimum firmware versions have been released years ago and that they had to be loaded already to e.g. support the leap second introduction in December 2016. Therefore it is expected that not many receivers are running incompatible firmware but this News Alert’s purpose is to make everyone aware of this potential issue.

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NYSNet – Outage / Server Switchover Thursday October 4 at 12pm

Server outage/switchover has been scheduled for Thursday, October 4 at 12 PM. The network will be unavailable starting at 12:00PM EDT and will remain down for  afternoon.

If successful, websites will be reconfigured to point to new servers and users will have to re-register before using again on Friday.

Any further delays, issues, changes or progress will be posted at

Kind Regards
Your NYSNet Team”

Please see attached documentation to setup NYSNet new accounts and configure your rover settings.

   NYSDOT Reset – Leica & Carlson


SmartNet Deprecation of RTCM 2.x and CMR Corrections

Tyler C.
Monday at 22:01

SmartNet NA has officially deprecated our RTCM 2.x and CMR/CMR+ correction services (except for DGNSS / DGPS applications). This was done to remove support of legacy correction formats that limit customers to GPS only corrections. By removing support of the legacy correction formats, SmartNet hopes to reduce the confusion customers typically experience when non-GPS satellites begin to drop out of their RTK solutions when connecting to non-GNSS correction streams.

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Quick Step by Step Guide for Leica GS16 using CS20 Data Collector

Author: Bob LeMoine – Technical Support Specialist

Bob has develop this quick step  guide to help users power on GS16 with CS 20 Data Collector using Captivate software. It a step by step procedures to check communication between GS16 and DC.  Verify internet status and getting RTK corrections.

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