News Alert – GPS Week Rollover April 2019

On April 6, 2019, the transmitted GPS week number in the navigation message will rollover from 1023 to 0. Leica Geosystems receivers will continue to increment the week number from 2047 to 2048 and will not roll back to 0 or 1024.

Note that the required minimum firmware versions have been released years ago and that they had to be loaded already to e.g. support the leap second introduction in December 2016. Therefore it is expected that not many receivers are running incompatible firmware but this News Alert’s purpose is to make everyone aware of this potential issue.

In order to ensure continuous operation of the receivers it is recommended to upgrade the measurement engine to the most recent firmware before April 2019 (all versions are available at the myWorld portal):

System 1200 and GPS900/GS09 receivers – GX, ATX, GS09:

ME2: v2.127 (released 2012)

ME3/ME3GG: v3.823 (released 2014)

ME4: v6.215 (released 2013)

GS08, GS08plus, GS12:

ME4: v6.402 (released 2014)

OEM6xx: v6.402 (released 2014)

GS07, GS10, GS14, GS15, GS16, GS18 T, GS25:

ME4: v6.524 (minimum v6.402, released 2014)

OEM6xx: v6.516 (minimum v6.510, released 2014)

OEM7xx: v7.402 (any released version)

The functionality of older firmware versions after April 6, 2019 is unknown but an upgrade to the current versions will fix rollover related issues.

For more information  contact MTS support at 800-322-5003