Massachusetts CORS (MaCORS) Network Connection Quick Guide for Viva

Massachusetts  CORS (MaCORS) Network Connection Quick Guide  with Viva

 Get account setup:

  1. Register with user ID and Password
  2. Shop for products: RTK Data Products
  3. Receive email notification of access

To set up on Viva:

From Main Menu, click on the position icon in the upper left corner:
MACors Image 1

Choose the Server/Mount Icon

MACors Image 2

The Server is the Network desired.  Press the selection icon for the Server:

MACORS Image 3

If you do not see the desired network, press F2 New:

MACORS Image 4

Enter the Name desired and IP address along with data port, then the NTRIP tab:

MACORS Image 5

Enter your user ID and password for Network (case sensitive).  Then F1 Store

MACors image 6

Now you can select MA CORS as network from list

MACors Image 7

Next you must choose data product (see list from MA CORS site):

MAcors Image 8

Here are MA CORS data products list, below selection is for Nearest Site RTCM 3.0 which will include Glonass satellites.  Press F1 OK after selection

MAcors Image 9

Next press the Position Icon from Main Menu again, then go to RTK Settings:

MAcors Image 10

Ensure you have RTCM 3.0 as data format and press F1 OK

MAcors Image 11

Should be ready to connect to MA Cors network:

MAcors Image 12

MAcors Image 13

pdficon_large MA CORS Network Access with Viva