TS Viva Quick Survey Guide for CS15

Maine Technical – TS Viva Quick Survey Guide for CS15

  1. Start Up.

-Turn on Smart Antenna
-Turn on CS15 Controller (may take a moment as boots and open Viva program)…Press F1 (Next) if needed until getting to Main Menu (below):

CS15 Main Menu

-When reaching Main Menu – look for the unit to get “Connected to Internet and an initial position (no yellow yield sign over globe and the “steering wheel in upper left corner) (See next picture).

CS15 Figure 2

  1. Create Job.

-In Main Menu, press/tap 2 Jobs/Data
-New Job;

CS15 Figure 3

In General Tab, Enter Name and job details, then go to the Coord Sys tab to select desired Coordinate System.   Press F1 Store to create job and return to Main Menu.

  1. Data Collection.

-From Main Menu press 1 Go To Work, then 1 Survey to get to basic data collection screen (below);

CS15 Figure 5

-Highlight Pt ID and enter desired starting point #


press (FNC) then F3 (CONNECT), if successful, status line should indicate “Successfully Connected” and the arrow on top status screen should begin to flash downward.

-Error qualities should begin to come down to float solution (1-2’), and then when you see two checks signs above the position indicator the unit should initialize to fine mode.  (Below):

CS15 Figure 6

-Highlight Code field and enter desired code.

-Level over desired point and press OK key to take observation.  The RTK positions counter will begin climbing, of raw data logging then PP obs counter will climb at 5 or 15 second interval.

Then press F1 to store point if the desired accuracy and time averaging is met.   Point ID should increment and you can continue observing more points.

  1. Reviewing Data:  Press the polygon and area symbol in upper right corner of screen to view point list.  Highlight point number desired and press F3 Edit
  2. Check Current Position:  Press the plus sign in upper left corner and go to View Current Position
  3. Changing Servers/Networks:  Press the plus sign in upper left corner and go to “Server/Mountpoint”, and choose the desired Network.SpNav6-DownloadsDownload – TS Viva Quick Survey Guide for CS15